Please Let Something in the Scandal Collection from The Limited fit Tall Girls

Any Scandal fans? You may have first heard about The Scandal collection from The Limited back in June like I did. As usual, my first thought was that the sleeves, pants, torso, everything will be too short. Tonight I just happened to see something about this line again on Facebook (Scandal is back in 10 days y’all!) and decided to hit up The Limited to see what was going on. This is what I found:

The Scandal Collection

It’s Handled!

Stay tuned, Gladiator. The Limited collection inspired by Shonda Rhimes’ drama Scandal and designed in collaboration with Kerry Washington and Lyn Paolo arrives in stores and online September 23rd.

And since Google is my friend, she led me to this little video on Elle. (screenshot shown) If you want to see the video, just click on the picture below and scroll down. I found out the collection has 70 items, the prices range from $49 to $250, and will be available through the end of May.

Scandal Limited Fashion Line - Get a First Look at The Limited's Scandal Clothing Line - Elle 2014-09-15 22-17-45

Let me just be real with y’all right now. I don’t care if the sleeves on that black coat are too short. I WANT IT NOW. Did you notice how everything is black and white? I don’t think the whole collection will be, though.

Now that I think about it, didn’t The Limited used to have a tall section? I haven’t shopped there in a while so I can’t remember. Maybe I’m thinking of another store. Anyway, I will be checking up on sizes and inseams on the 23rd. And honestly, since Kerry Washington isn’t a tall girl, I don’t have my hopes up that the pants will have 36″ inseam. Unlike I did when this collection first came out. hmph

Are you looking forward to this collection as much as I am? (Even though I probably won’t fit anything.)

Please let something from this collection fit tall girls!



Problem raising a future tall girl

I’m normally a quiet and reserved person that will avoid conflicts at any cost… until I see a grown ass man ogling my little girl.


I realize that people will think she is older than she really is because of her height. I get it. It was the same way when I was her age. BUT when she is barely a teenager and I see men that are older than me trying to follow her in the store and use any reason to try to talk to her… yeah, mama is coming to pop him upside the head with a loaf of bread. If you haven’t noticed by now, I am very protective of my kids. I may even be overprotective, but I believe I have to be nowadays. Have you seen the news lately? So until she is old enough to move out and pay her own bills…

I am always watching.