Tyra Cosmetics

Remember this post when I found out that at one time tall girl Tyra Banks was gonna start a fashion line? I was excited because I think any clothes she created would be beautiful. Also, despite our height, we are on the bottom of the fashion totem pole and was in dire need of more choices. Nothing ever came of it because it looks like she has decided to do a cosmetics line instead!

Her website includes tips on how to create a fierce Cat Eye, how to sculpt, and so on. The tips & tricks page offers step-by-step guides which is something I will need to check out.

Right now there are 12 products available in 3 collections for face, eyes, and lips.

  • The Tyover Collection,
  • The Smize Collection, and
  • The It Factory Collection

One thing about makeup is that there are no disappointing inseams, no too short sleeves, so we won’t feel left out, right?

Check out the offerings so far. Click on the pics for more information and to purchase.

6 minute Tyover


Tyra Smack my fat lash


Tyra Oops Liner


Tyra Suede & Juicy

Favorites from Paris fashion week

Just work with me here. I’ve been seeing Paris Fashion Week all over the place and I got curious. Never really been into these fashion shows before but now I can see how some people live and breathe fashion. These clothes are breath taking! I would love to be able to buy something and just walk around the house (because I wouldn’t dare go outside where there’s dirt).
Instead I’m sitting here dreaming that my day job would let me afford any of these pieces, but the way my bank account is set up…

My favorites from Paris Fashion Week so far


Do you follow any of the multiple fashion weeks? New York, London, Paris…

Have you actually bought anything from these designers? Let me live vicariously through you.