Werk it Wednesday featuring Tall Jumpsuits

This Werk it Wednesday is doing double duty as Wordless Wednesday. I’m tired and I just want to look at pictures so let’s get into it.

I love this first jumpsuit by the way. I’ve been stalking it for a little while now so I may have posted it before (I can’t remember).


Black Polka Dot Contrast Jumpsuit from Tall and All


Ruby Rocks Butterfly JumpsuitRuby Rocks Butterfly Jumpsuit from Long Tall Sally

ASOS Tall Jumpsuit with Chic Racer Detal at ASOS


 MOTO Indigo Utility Boilersuit




Qristyl Frazier Designs for the curvy tall girl

Have you checked out Qristyl Frazier Designs lately? This is a store for curvy women but from what I saw while browsing through the site, it isn’t strictly for the “Plus Sexy” (a term Qristyl coined herself), I saw sizes ranging from a 6 to 26. There are 7 different collections featured and each has at least 10 different dresses to choose from. There is seriously something in each collection that I want.

The Qristyl Frazier Designs Collections

  • The Serendipity Collection – 13 dresses
  • The Irresistible Collection – 19 dresses
  • The Mystique Collection – 18 dresses
  • The Nostalgia Collection – 16 dresses (the dress below is from this collection)
  • The Nirvana Collection – 28 dresses
  • The Elusive Collection – 35 dresses, and
  • The Epitome Collection – 23 dresses


Qristyl Frazier Designs - Love my Long Legs

I’m saying yes to this dress. I love everything about this outfit.

You know how all stores have you choose your inseam? With this store, you choose your height. From the dresses I stalked perused, the height choices range from 5’0 to 6’4. (I tried to get a screenshot for y’all but it wasn’t working.) I like this idea, but some ladies have a longer torso so I’m not completely sold on if this is the best way.

This will be another site to add to my bookmarks. In my opinion, and because I’m broke, the dresses are a bit pricey, but there are some on sale and they have been marked down big time. Qristyl has quite a bit of experience behind her so she I’m sure the clothes are worth every penny. I just love that she is showing love to curvy and tall girls in her creations and that alone may entice me to loosen the death grip on my wallet.


 Ever purchased “by height” before? How did it fit?

Share your experience with Qristyl Frazier Designs.


Please… I have bad knees. YOU drop it like its hot

Let me just vent for a minute…

All of this twerking and dropping it like it’s hot has gotten on my last. damn. nerve.

It’s not only because of the sharp pains going through my knees. You try to be tall with the aches and pains of a *ahem* maturing person and see how you like it. I’m too stiff for all this mess y’all doing right now.

Yeah. No words needed.

So just stop it.

Can we bring back some old school dances? The Running Man, the Wop, Kid n Play, the Jig… any and every dance that was ever done on The Fresh Prince.

Or, when people start dropping it like it’s old, 6 ft tall, and can’t get back up, holla at me. I’ll be the first one in da club.

On the hunt for a long denim skirt

long denim skirt_ love my long legs

Some years ago I came across a long denim skirt while shopping at some random store. It went all the way to the floor and I loved that skirt. I literally wore it once every week for a year and obviously it just eventually apart. I loved that thing so much that I’m surprised that I didn’t give it a name.

So of course I don’t remember the name of the store I bought it from. And I never paid attention to the label so I don’t know anything about that skirt other than it was perfect. All I do know is that I was out of town when I found it. (getting old is a struggle y’all. I can’t remember anything anymore).

I’ve been hunting for another skirt during the past couple months and just can’t find anything like the one I had. Do you know where I can find a really long denim skirt? It has to have enough room to be able to walk. A slit in the back is okay as long as it’s not up to the cockpit. (some of you may or may not know what that is. Just think about it… heh heh). All of the ones I’ve found so far (and liked) are too short, too bulky, sold out, and/or just plain ugly.

Lawd I miss that skirt.

Have you ever found something you loved so much that you wore it out and then couldn’t find anything to replace it?

Where can I find a long denim skirt? 

*Skirt found at Denimskirts.com is kind of what I’m looking for, but not really. It’s not long enough anyway.

Just keep on wishing

I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting much, y’all. Between moving, and working lots of overtime at work, and just generally being blocked, this is the best I can come up with at this time.

Besides all of that, I thought of this quote because it happens to be true in my life. What about you?

stand tall_love-my-long-legs

Has this ever happened to you?

How did you respond? 

Do you think people are scared of you because you’re tall?

This question is specifically for women. Have you ever felt that people don’t approach you because of your height? Or do you know someone who is scared of tall people?

people scared of you because you're tall_lovemylonglegsblog

I know that we always deal with people coming up to us and asking the stupid questions, but what about the opposite? Have you ever had anyone just flat out tell you that they were scared of you and didn’t want to say anything at all to you… because you were tall? Of course once they get to know you, they realize how stupid that is because you’re awesome, but I’m just curious.

I’ll be the first to admit that when I’m almost 12″ taller than someone (adults, not children), I try not to get too close to them. I’m honestly scared that I might knock them down or hurt them some way.

Ever had someone scared of you because you’re tall?

Have you ever avoided someone that is much taller than you?

The token tall girl

The token tall girl…

You already know what I’m talking about. Being the only girl that is head and shoulders about everyone else. Even without any heels on.

This is something that I will never get used to. Just looking out and seeing a sea of browns, blondes, reds (sometimes blues, purples, and greens) and thinking…

What the hell is that in her hair?


You know you’ve thought it before. Don’t act like you haven’t…


Lingerie for tall women

Yes, tall women that are not Victoria’s Secret models wear lingerie too. I’m picking these specifically for Valentine’s Day but they should be worn whenever you want.

A long time ago I used to think that you had to be in a relationship to have a reason to wear sexy lingerie, but I know better now. If you’re celebrating the day with your boo thang or by yourself, you betta werk it either way.

I didn’t look through a ton of stores but I think I still came up with some good options. I really tried to find pieces that could possibly accommodate our longer frames comfortably, so no one-piece teddys listed *cough* cameltoe *cough*. Also, nothing too risque is pictured because y’all just don’t know the type of Google searches bring folks to this site *blushes*. Let’s get to it…

Valentine’s Day lingerie for tall women

lingerie for tall women_lovemylonglegsTall Chiffon Halter & Rhinestone Babydoll from Got Height.


lingerie for tall women_lovemylonglegsFlocked hearts boy short and matching Bolero from Frederick’s of Hollywood

lingerie for tall women_lovemylonglegs

3-piece Gift Set from Frederick’s of Hollywood

Check these out too:

La Perla Kiss Kiss Babydoll with thong from Her Room.

Oh La La Cheri Lace Babydoll And G-String from Her Room

Satin & Lace Slip from Victoria’s Secret


 Is there a special store you go to first for lingerie? Share the deets!

Selph Clothing for tall people

I have a good feeling about this store! Selph Clothing was created with tall people in mind. Inseams range from 34-38″ for women and men.

Ever heard of it before? The Selph Clothing website states:

Providing stylish, quality clothing to those that are tall


Jeans in 35-38″ inseams


After a little bit of research, some of their jeans really do go up to 38″ inseam. Keep in mind that not all of the jeans are available in that length, but the shortest inseam I saw is 34″, so you still gotta love it.

Also, for the tall guy in your life, they do have a men’s section. It’s not a men’s Big & Tall section, just men’s tall with waist sizes from 29 to 36″ and inseams from 34-38″.

Some items available at Selph Clothing

selph clothing_lovemylonglegsCascade Top

selph clothing_lovemylonglegsThe Beverly Sweater Dress

Classic Pencil Skirt with Belt.

selph clothing_lovemylonglegsLace Trim Top

selph clothing_lovemylonglegsMarie Dress

If you’ve known about this store and haven’t told me about it, I’m mad at you. How you gonna hold out on me?


What do you think of their selection?

Have you shopped this store before? How was it?




Button-Down shirts for tall women

I need a good button down shirt. One with sleeves long enough to cover my wrists, not too tight in the shoulders, and not boxy.

Shouldn’t be too hard to find, right?

I originally searched for the classic white shirt. I love the sophisticated look of a white button down with a pencil skirt. After shopping through my list of 25 tall-friendly stores I was surprised that they all didn’t have at least one white button down for tall women. I know I shouldn’t be, but I was. So I broadened my search to include patterns and colors and here’s what I came up with…

5 button-down shirts for tall women

Button-Down shirt from Method Boutique_lovemylonglegs

White Fitted Poplin shirt from Method Boutique

Button-Down shirt from Topshop_lovemylonglegs

Tall Mix Scale Spot shirt from Topshop

 Button-Down shirt from JCPenney_Lovemylonglegs

 Worthington Essential Button Down Top from JCPenney  (Comes in 8 colors.)


Button-Down shirt from Long Elegant legs_lovemylonglegs

Animal Blouse from Long Elegant Legs


And there’s also The Perfect Shirt from Next . I couldn’t include the picture but this is a nice shirt! (Ironically, white is the only color that is available in tall size.)