Lace Belted Maxi Dress from LTS

Sooo I’ve been needing to tell you about the Lace Belted Maxi Dress I got from Long Tall Sally a couple weeks months ago and I am just now getting to it.


First of all, I am loving this dress! It hugs my curves, but it is not restricting. I had no problems walking or climbing in and out of my car. There is a slit in the back to help with movement. The lace is beautiful and doesn’t make the dress look like it was created from a gigantic black doily.

There is a thin belt that comes with the dress, but I’m not wearing it on purpose. I feel that the dress really doesn’t need a belt and looks better without it. (I also hate wearing belts. Is that weird?) The dress is made of a surprisingly thick fabric so as far as I can tell, you won’t need a slip.

I had a couple coworkers tell me that at first they thought it was just a plain black dress until they they got closer, which made them like the dress even more.

Here’s a closer look at the lace…

The only problem I have with the dress is the zipper. My arms are double jointed so I usually have no problems with back zippers, but this one takes me a couple minutes to pull all the way up. There is one spot that always catches and even when asking my husband for help, he couldn’t get it to zip smoothly. Of course it could be just the zipper on my dress, but that’s the only negative about it.

So overall, I would recommend this dress. Instead of the little black dress that everyone talks about, this is a long black dress that every tall girl should have.

The Ultimate List of Tall Blogs

A while ago I made a short list of some amazing tall girl blogs and found out that there are many more I did not know about. I had a couple requests to add to that list so I decided to make a ultimate list of tall blogs by, and about tall girls.

How awesome is this going to be to go to one place and find all tall blogs together?

So here goes the start of the ultimate list of tall blogs…

Ultimate list of tall blogs_Love my Long Legs

***The first 8 blogs listed are the same blogs that were included in my original post.

1. All the Tall Things
2. The Junoesque
3. Tall Swag
4. Height Goddess
5. Style of a London Tall Girl
6. Tall Snob
7. Tall n Curly
8. Fashion for Giants
9. Tall look
10. J Envoys Tall District
11. Missy G
12. Raw Sugar Ottawa
13. Tall Glass of Style
14. The Tall Muse
15. Long Elegant Legs
16. Pretty Tall Style
17. House of Height
18. Long.leggy.Lovin it
19. Tall Clothing Mall
20. Tall Samm Lin

To be continued…

Let me know of any others that should be included and I will add them asap. Yes, they must include content specifically for tall people!

Sassy Tall Girls is now open

I was scrolling through my Instagram page (go follow me by the way), when I noticed the Sassy Tall Girls page had a pic of someone wearing a cute tee with their logo. And then I noticed that they were about to open a new store.


Check out some of the things available for sale at Sassy Tall Girls…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The yoga pants can go up to 35″ inseam and the Pick Your Height shirt ranges from 5’2″ to 7’0″. They also have bags, baseball caps, shorts, and lounge pants.

Some of the items look like the same items you can get from any Zazzle store but I still like them. I think these are some cute clothes to show how much you *cough* love your long legs *cough* :)

Go check them out at and let me know what you think.


Werk it Wednesday featuring Tall Jumpsuits

This Werk it Wednesday is doing double duty as Wordless Wednesday. I’m tired and I just want to look at pictures so let’s get into it.

I love this first jumpsuit by the way. I’ve been stalking it for a little while now so I may have posted it before (I can’t remember).


Black Polka Dot Contrast Jumpsuit from Tall and All


Ruby Rocks Butterfly JumpsuitRuby Rocks Butterfly Jumpsuit from Long Tall Sally

ASOS Tall Jumpsuit with Chic Racer Detal at ASOS


 MOTO Indigo Utility Boilersuit




Qristyl Frazier Designs for the curvy tall girl

Have you checked out Qristyl Frazier Designs lately? This is a store for curvy women but from what I saw while browsing through the site, it isn’t strictly for the “Plus Sexy” (a term Qristyl coined herself), I saw sizes ranging from a 6 to 26. There are 7 different collections featured and each has at least 10 different dresses to choose from. There is seriously something in each collection that I want.

The Qristyl Frazier Designs Collections

  • The Serendipity Collection – 13 dresses
  • The Irresistible Collection – 19 dresses
  • The Mystique Collection – 18 dresses
  • The Nostalgia Collection – 16 dresses (the dress below is from this collection)
  • The Nirvana Collection – 28 dresses
  • The Elusive Collection – 35 dresses, and
  • The Epitome Collection – 23 dresses


Qristyl Frazier Designs - Love my Long Legs

I’m saying yes to this dress. I love everything about this outfit.

You know how all stores have you choose your inseam? With this store, you choose your height. From the dresses I stalked perused, the height choices range from 5’0 to 6’4. (I tried to get a screenshot for y’all but it wasn’t working.) I like this idea, but some ladies have a longer torso so I’m not completely sold on if this is the best way.

This will be another site to add to my bookmarks. In my opinion, and because I’m broke, the dresses are a bit pricey, but there are some on sale and they have been marked down big time. Qristyl has quite a bit of experience behind her so she I’m sure the clothes are worth every penny. I just love that she is showing love to curvy and tall girls in her creations and that alone may entice me to loosen the death grip on my wallet.


 Ever purchased “by height” before? How did it fit?

Share your experience with Qristyl Frazier Designs.