My Fall 2014 Wish List

I am so ready for Fall! My Fall 2014 wish list has so many more items than shown here. I haven’t even included any of the shoes and boots on my list.

Fall 2014 Wish List


Tall Maternity Clothes

I was asked about finding maternity clothes for tall women. Okay, yeah, that is even harder to find but I think I may have come up with a few good options.

1. RG Maternity – The pants and jeans have 36-38″ inseam. The shirts have extra length in sleeves and torso.

2. Mommy Long Legs 1st of all, how cute is that name? Long sleeve shirts have 27″ sleeve and there’s an additional 5″ added to the torso. The jeans have a 37″ inseam with a little extra seam to let out if needed.

3. ASOS Maternity I wasn’t sure if I should include this one, but the models are listed as being 5’11” so some of these jeans may be long enough for some of you.

4. Sierra Lane – Features designer maternity jeans with 32″ – 37″ inseams.

5. Long Tall Sally – You already know this was going to be on this list. Inseams up to 38″, but the leggings pictured only have 36″ inseam left available.

Out of these places listed, RG Maternity appears to be the most popular for tall pregnant women.

P.S. I tried remembering what I wore when I was pregnant with both of my kids, but I can’t. I’m sure I wore pants eventually during those 9 months… I think.

Tall Maternity Clothes


Prissy Duck – New Store for Women of any Height

Have you heard of Prissy Duck? I may have stumbled across another fashion option for tall girls y’all!

It was created by 6′ tall Stephanie Foster (yes, she does play basketball) and her creations are being described as an edgy, yet chic contemporary clothing that exudes confidence and femininity. She has said that while playing basketball she came across a lot of tall women who also couldn’t find fashionable clothing that fits right. This was her motivation to start Prissy Duck.


This is what is written on the About Us page:

Being sure not to leave anyone out, Prissy Duck is available in a variety of lengths and sizes for almost everyone to enjoy!  Helping women feel beautiful is our main goal, and we want women to radiate confidence, beauty, and individuality whenever they put on a Prissy Duck design.

One aspect near and dear to our hearts is the availability of longer in-seamed items to taller women.  Being 6’ tall and playing basketball her entire life, owner/designer Stephanie Foster knows many women who share the same frustrations when trying to find pants and tops that are long enough.  Frustrated with the lack of fashionable clothing available to tall women, Stephanie set out to create a clothing line that provides just that!  Using her own experiences and challenges as inspiration for her clothing, Prissy Duck has begun to bridge the fashion gap between taller women and fashionable clothes.

And here is one of the dresses she created:

prissy duck dress

Photo from Capital-Style

She says that the option for custom work is available, but it depends on how fast you need it done, and exactly what you’re requesting. As soon as I’m able to get an idea of the price ranges, I’ll update and let y’all know. Until then, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter.